LEAN Trains and Pear Butter

Nick is really into TPS and LEAN at work. If you don’t know either of these terms, consider yourself living under a rock.

Seriously though, the whole concept of the T.oyota P.roduction S.ystem is centered around order and cleanliness. Process starts there. You can read more about LEAN here.

Nick has started to apply (subliminaly or not) those same principles at home. For example: the kitchen..from how he writes out a grocery list, to how he puts his groceries on the belt at checkout, to how the cupboards are organized…. He hasn’t gone quite as far as this guy: EPIC LEAN KITCHEN.

But yesterday between football games I walked in on this:

Apparently, a lean train yard?

While the boys were busy organizing playing trains – I was busy in the kitchen! Spiced Pear Butter!

I used this recipe, with slight modifications. I wasn’t willing to buy two cardomom seeds for $12.50, so I instead used a dash of nutmeg and clove.

I had a little help peeling the pears.

After peeling, coring and cutting up the pears, I simmered them with white wine until soft – about 25 min just as the recipe stated.

Following the recipe, I put the softened pears in the food processor and pureed. Then back into the pot where Mackenzie made a treasure map from the sugar, vanilla beans and cinnamon stick.

X marks the spot just past the flag pole:)

After that, I let it simmer for about an hour, stirring frequently to prevent burning. I only ended up with two jars of pear butter but I processed them in a water bath (for preserving) anyway. I have a few ideas up my sleeve and I wanted to test this whole process out before becoming too invested. I canned the two jars, but Mackenzie got to enjoy some straight from the pot.

If you can’t tell from that big smile, this spread is GOOOooood! He actually was disappointed that I wouldn’t let him eat with a spoon, but rather that he had to put it on some bread. Goofball.

Be sure to check out that recipe over on pinch my salt. Enjoy:)

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