Writer’s Workshop – Advice for New Mom’s

My best advice for a new mom, or a mom to-be…

Calm down. Lots of things can, and probably will, go differently than you had planned.

Pregnancy is beautiful – yes, even during morning sickness.

Baby Mackenzie

Kids will teach you more than you could possibly teach them. Open your heart to receive their wisdom.

Doesn't he just exude wisdom?😉

Enjoy every moment – even the crappy ones. My sister bought me a frame while I was pregnant that says “Those same sticky fingers, dirty diapers and terrible twos are the same sloppy kisses, little hands and I love yous that will be missed tomorrow.” Now that we have two kids, there are times when both of them are crying, I’ve got dinner burning on the stove and dogs whining to be let outside…. It doesn’t last forever and all too quickly those kids will be off to college (those dogs will eventually be gone too…) and the house will be quiet and I’ll wonder why I ever complained about the chaos of raising children.

With my first pregnancy I managed to come out of it with no stretch marks. This time, even though I did everything in my power to avoid them, I have signs of carrying and nurturing a child…. Now, when I look in the mirror, instead of resenting those stretch marks, I view them as a symbol of love. This is where my baby lived for 9 months before we got to finally meet him. And this mark on my chest is where I nurtured a tiny boy for the first month of his life.

Baby Spencer

In a nutshell: ENJOY YOUR FAMILY. Let motherhood forever change you for the better.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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  1. I love your pictures! That picture of Baby Spencer is just so precious. There’s nothing better than a newborn baby.

  2. Wonbderful advice! My son has taught me a lot.

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