Captain Mack

Mackenzie shooting the canon off the Jolly Rodney!

But first – breakfast! This morning we had french toast! It’s been a long time french toast and boy have I missed you!

Can you spy my Italian study stack? Yeah, probably time to put that away…

Today being the original due date for little Jackson, we wanted close to home but still get out of the house and have some fun. Because yesterday’s dinner had put us in close proximity to Country Village, we decided that we’d be coming back today for some pirate ship play, train rides and chicken feeding.

Country Village is this adorable little shopping center in Bothell that is super kid friendly, all within a cottage garden setting.

 I love it for the antique stores, little boutiques and good restaurants. Mackenzie loves it because it’s train themed and has a big pirate ship at the play ground. They also have a coffee shop which features a train table among other things. While Country Village is within twenty minutes from our house, I sometimes wish it was closer. The coffee shop alone is such a perfect solution for mom’s everywhere – coffee, healthy snacks and a great play space. Combine that with all the outdoor activities, like feeding the ducks and chickens, riding the train and playing on the play ground and you’ve got an entire day worth of things to do all in one place. It’s seriously one of my favorite places, in case that hasn’t already come across.

While the boys played at the coffee shop, I picked up a few items from Stampin in the Rain  (one of the shops in the village) for a project I’m working on.

When it was time for lunch we decided to grab pizza and salad from Pagliacci’s and head to St Edward State Park, where they have the most awesome playground. There’s also a bunch of cool trails here and a short hike down to Lake Washington – but we didn’t have time for all that today. Hopefully, we’ll be back soon!

 Now, we’ve got a couple of errands to run before heading to the beach house for dinner with the fam! I’m hoping to head down to the beach, it’s been a while since I’ve actually gone down to the water.

If you haven’t been to Country Village or St Edwards, I highly recommend both.


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