The Saga Continues

Having dental work done while your pregnant is no joke. They don’t use Novocain.

While I did get some relief from the little procedure they did, as soon as the local anesthesia wore off I was back in pain. I was actually hurting so much throughout the night and into the morning that I was seriously considering going to the ER and having them just pull my tooth. Luckily, I was able to get a hold of the Endodontist and get a prescription for vicodin (which had to be approved by my OB/GYN of course).

 It took most of the morning to get the all the doctors/dentists and pharmacy on board, but come afternoon, I was able to pick up my medicine and get some relief.

 We then headed up north to pick up Mackenzie’s bike which has been sitting at the store for three weeks waiting while he finished up his sticker chart. We had to pick up the bike today or they’d send it back.

I know I could have stayed home and slept but I really wanted to be there when Mack got his bike, when dad was putting it together, first ride, etc. So I toughed it out and went along for the ride. I took the medicine immediately after picking it up and crossed my fingers. Like I said earlier, I never take pain medicine. Taking this stuff really had me out of it.

By the time we got to the beach house to put together the bike I was already feeling less pain. As Nick and Gary put together the bike I began to see stars (literally, like in Looney Tunes).

Mack had a blast helping dad and grandpa put his bike together. And no male bonding across three generations would be complete without a little failure:

That would be Mackenzie’s bike with only on wheel touching the ground, the back wheel about an inch of the ground, with the training wheels locked in place – in essence a child-sized stationary bike. 

Here we go!

Mack loves his new bike and was thrilled to ride it around the deck, down the street – as far and as fast as he could go!

While we were there we also got to catch up with Chris and Kristina, Steph’s friends that live in Kitsap. It’s always nice to see them. They were making Ukranian Eggs while I lay on the couch in my vicodin stupor.

The one sad thing is that I had purchased Lacrosse tickets about three weeks ago and was looking forward to going once Nick was “home for good.” However, I just didn’t have it in me to be around all those people and noise. I gave up my ticket toGaryand everyone headed off to the game without me L

Criss put on the weirdest show for me (Oddities) and between that show and the medicine; I had some very interesting dreams.

I finally decided to go home before the sun set and crawled into bed before the lacrosse game had even ended.

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