Eat Your Alphabet

Finally got to try the Chobani! I had Cream of Wheat for breakfast with Mackenzie while we were getting ready this morning, but the minute I got to the office I made myself a cup of Bigelow Orange & Spice tea and sat down with my peach Chobani. Now I get it – this stuff is so thick, so creamy, and just plain delicious. I have to admit that I “cheated.” The package says to just dip your spoon to the bottom and drag the fruit up to the top – not to stir. Umm… the idea of not stirring my yogurt just seems weird. I had to stir it!
With 14 grams of protein in a mere 6 ounce serving, this stuff packs a real punch. Plus, it has boatloads probiotics, not to mention 0 fat and 0 cholesterol.

Moving on to lunch, I headed out of the office to enjoy the ten minutes of sunshine we were going to get for the day (perhaps the whole month of April? – it snowed, rained and hailed earlier in the day). I had already eaten most of my lunch prior to the actual “break” and I was really craving either a frappucino (what?! Haven’t wanted one of those since I started working at Starbucks and saw what the base looks like – back on ’06!) or a milkshake. Because I’m still leary of the frapp, I settled on a chocolate milkshake. I drove over to Legion Memorial Park with the intention of enjoying the view – instead I was greeted with a bay full of mud.

Between the tidal ranges being all screwed up and the ridiculous amount of rain we’ve had in the past couple weeks the bay is full of blah. There’s sludge coming in from the river run off and the tide seems to be going out further and further – a sign of shifts in the world?

Let’s skip over the whole workday nonsense and move straight into dinner! Mack and I made a super simple but very fun meal of Alphabet Pasta with Meatballs!
We simply boiled some water and tossed in the letter noodles to “steep” for 15 min. We also used the rest of our sauce from last nights meal, but added in some frozen meatballs and placed over medium heat. While all of our food was busy getting cooked and heated up, we played several rounds of fetch with Muffin and Tucker. Tucker seems to have forgotten the idea behind “fetch” now that Muffin is here. He always just looks at me like “What? What am I supposed to do?” “Get it Tucker!” He’ll get all riled up and jump for the rope but when I actually throw it he just looks at my with sheer confusion:

Muffin on the other hand doesn’t understand when the game is over. What you don’t get from this picture is the sound of her whining. She’s waiting so patiently for one of us to pick up the rope just one more time!

But, alas, it was time to eat!

As we were eating, Mack said, “I saw something in the fridge mom, something I like.” It was my coveted yogurt. Funny he should say he likes this since I’m positive he’s never had it before and I was even more surprised when I told him it was yogurt and he said “yeah I like yogrit, I want to have some of that.” I told him if he ate all of his dinner he could have yogurt as his treat afterwards. Our meal was silent from then on, Mack shoveling his letter pasta into his mouth as quick as possible (when has this ever happened?!). With his mouth still full he told me was ready for “yogrit.” I happily got him out a peach Chobani and let him have at it. You’d think I’d given him ice cream, he was so happy!

Our household is definitely going to be hooked on this stuff I can already tell. In fact, after Mack had been in bed about half hour, he came downstairs just to tell me that he wanted more “yogrit” in the morning for breakfast. Go for it little man, I’m not stopping ya!

I’ll leave you with this:

My gorgeous tulips from Saturday’s trip to Pike Place. Aren’t these just incredible? I want them to last forever, but sadly, I think they are on their last days.

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